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Some people become anxious about passing HIV on, or feel less desirable. While some people may go off sex altogether for a time, others might instead look for it more and more.

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It may seem more important than ever to feel wanted or to have moments of intimacy and pleasure. Whatever the HIV status of your partner, the success of a relationship will probably be determined more by shared interests rather than HIV status. Most people living with HIV do continue to have sex and form relationships. However, condoms are important for your health too — they will protect you from sexually transmitted infections. Some infections, such as hepatitis C, can be more difficult to treat when you have HIV. Do I have to disclose my status to my partner, family, friends and work colleagues?

Talking about our HIV and disclosing our status to others is one of the most challenging things about living with HIV. Deciding who and how to tell can feel very daunting, especially when we are first diagnosed. There are lots of different people we might want to disclose to: Here are some general tips on how to go about this. For more information and things to consider with particular audiences, download our Talking about HIV factsheet.

When will I need to start treatment and how will it make me feel? HIV infection progresses at very different rates in different people, but nearly everyone who is HIV positive will need treatment at some time. When you are diagnosed, your doctor will take two essential blood tests: The CD4 count tells you about the health of your immune system and the viral load tests tell you how much virus is in your blood. Because your CD4 count is closely related to your risk of becoming ill, this is the test that your doctor will be interested in when it comes to deciding about when to start treatment.

Current NHS guidelines recommend that anyone who is diagnosed HIV positive should be offered the opportunity to start treatment as soon as possible regardless of CD4 count. It uses three or more drugs to treat HIV. Treatment works for anyone no matter how you were infected. Your doctor should explain what drugs are available and what options will be best suited to your needs. Everyone worries about possible treatment side effects.

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Whereas some treatments do have side effects, these will vary from individual to individual and modern HIV drugs are generally easily tolerated. Side-effects may be a problem when starting a new course of treatments, but they should subside within a few days or weeks. Speak to your doctor about how the meds can be changed to suit you.

For more information on treatment support go to i-base or aidsmap. How can I better manage my use of drugs and alcohol?

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  • Drugs and alcohol can make us feel confident, part of the group, relaxed and hornier. But we know that taking them often leads to risky sexual behaviour. Some HIV drugs can push levels of recreational drugs in the body towards overdose or life-threatening levels. If you are worried about drug interactions talk to your doctor or go to Drugfucked. However most people also want to keep control over the sexual risks they are willing to take.

    The following tips might help increase the chances of you staying in control:.

    Contact Jim on or email jfielder positivelyuk. Rates of sexually transmitted infections among gay men are on the increase. This is probably accounted for by high levels of condomless sex as well as improvements in testing. The report also highlights a disproportionately high number of men within these figures are living with HIV. The Hepatitis C virus hep C is transmitted through direct blood to blood contact and affects the liver. Over time, this can lead to significant liver damage. The liver has a vital role in supporting almost every organ in the body and is essential for good health.

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    The highest risk of transmission is through sharing needles and other injecting equipment, but Hep C can also be passed on by sharing crack pipes and straws to snort drugs, sexual activity where there is blood to blood contact and sharing razors or toothbrushes. Men who have sex with men seem to be at a higher risk of catching it through sex.

    Blood to blood contact is more likely to happen during rough or longer sex sessions and through the use of injecting equipment. If you are injecting drugs you should use new equipment and dispose of it safely to avoid catching hep C or passing it on. Your local drug service should be able to provide you with sterile injecting equipment and disposal bins.

    Many areas also have pharmacy based needle exchanges, which supply injecting equipment. Using condoms and changing them between partners will greatly reduce transmission of Hep C during sex. Anyone who are sensationalized by this site, sign up paris demand action by admin.

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